Benefits of Going to a Kid Friendly Dentist

Benefits of Going to a Kid Friendly Dentist from Leading Edge Dental Center in Skokie, ILA kid-friendly dentist can offer a friendly environment, specialized care for children, and help children develop healthy oral care habits, among other notable benefits. This review discusses the advantages parents receive by taking their child to a kid-friendly dentist for primary and restorative care.

Reasons to choose a kid-friendly dentist for your child

There is a range of benefits of visiting a kid-friendly dentist. Notably, children are more likely to get the specific care they need. Additionally, there is a greater chance that oral health will be in optimal shape.

A friendly and fun environment

Kid-friendly dentists offer fun and friendly environments. This allows children to feel more comfortable as soon as they walk in the door. From colorful walls, play areas to kid-friendly magazines, they typically know how to keep children occupied during the entire visit. Many even offer rewards for bravery with small treasures, such as knick-knacks or stickers.

Specialized care for primary teeth

Primary (baby) teeth require different care than permanent teeth, and kid-friendly dentists understand how to keep primary teeth healthy. This often includes services that are for primary teeth, such as dental sealants. The focus is on keeping the primary teeth healthy for as long as possible to reduce the risk of any complications with permanent teeth once they come through.

Minimally invasive treatment options

Painful dental procedures can make children more hesitant to visit the dentist again in the future. Another benefit of visiting a kid-friendly dentist is that they are often more willing to find ways to minimize the discomfort the patient experience. This can be done through the use of less invasive procedures, the use of laughing gas, and more.

Creates healthy oral care habits

Education is a key part of treating children. Kid-friendly dentists focus on teaching children how to properly care for their oral health between visits. They can also answer questions parents may have about helping children practice good oral hygiene and sticking to a consistent daily oral care routine.

Reduces the risk of developing dental phobia

Dental phobia refers to a fear of visiting the dentist, a condition that all too many patients struggle with. The experiences we have as a child shape the way we view future situations. Bad experiences with dentistry at a young age can make people more hesitant to stay on top of their oral health in the future with regular check-up visits. On the other hand, visiting a kid-friendly dentist at a young age can take out the anxiety and hesitancy of visiting the dentist as we grow older.

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