CariVu - Cavity Detection





Continuing with our commitment to using the latest dental technologies, we are excited to announce the addition of the DEXIS CariVu system.  CariVu is a cavity detection device, which illuminates teeth using near-infrared light.  This lets us actually "see" inside your teeth. When used together with digital x-rays, we can now get the most accurate diagnosis possible of cavities and/or cracks in your teeth.

 CariVu has a hand piece that fits over your tooth. This hand piece shines a safe, bright light directly into the tooth. A digital camera on the unit transmits almost x-ray like images into our computer for diagnosis. In these images, healthy tooth enamel shows off its translucency and appears almost clear, but damaged or decayed enamel shows off as a darker grey or black.


Benefits of CariVu include:

  • "Seeing" lesions through the top of the tooth
  • Illuminates damage that exists between teeth
  • Immediately capture useful images of the tooth
  • Images without radiation
  • Get additional views of suspected damage
  • Catch small lesions in hard-to-see places



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