Dental Advancements

There are likely many professionals in your area who offer dental and oral health services, but few compare to Michael Goone DDS, a leading dentist in Skokie, Illinois. By combining traditional patient care techniques with modern dental technologies, Dr. Goone and his staff at Leading Edge Dental Care continue to provide patients with the means to achieve remarkable smiles.

Do You Need a Complete Dental Restoration?

While you may have originally thought that you only needed a cleaning or a teeth whitening treatment to get your smile up to par, a discussion with your dentist may make you aware of more things that you can do to achieve your perfect smile.

When Can You Use a Snap on Smile?

Now, more than ever before, patients have numerous options when it comes to dental care. Read on to find out about one of the options for achieving a straighter smile.

How Can Implants Make Your Dentures More Comfortable?

Even if you’ve been unable to maintain your oral health thus far and have unfortunately had to have some or all of your teeth removed, it is not the end all to your smile. Find out how a combination of dental implants and dentures can restore your smile.

How Can Air Abrasion Calm Your Dental Anxieties?

While talking with your dentist and understanding the treatments and procedures you will undergo can help to resolve some of the fears you have, the sound of the dental drill or sight of a needle can still cause your nerves to excel into overdrive. This is precisely why dentists have introduced air abrasions into their offices.

Can HPV Put You at Risk For Oral Cancer?

One of the more recent investigations in dentistry and oncology has shown that young adults who are sexually active are at a greater risk for oral cancers that may be caused by HPV. Read on to learn more about this very real danger.