Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dentist in Skokie

If you have a dental emergency, call Dr. Goone right away! Our office provides emergency dentistry in Skokie as quickly as we possibly can. There are a variety of reasons why you might need emergency dental care, including:

General dental problems — Under this category would be things like pain, numbness, and swelling. Missing teeth due to trauma to the mouth would also be an emergency.
Jaw problems — Injury to the jaw may be a dental emergency. In addition, injury to the tongue, cheeks, or gums might also require emergency treatment.
Orthodontic emergencies — Unexpected problems with orthodontic appliances are another type of dental emergency for which you might need prompt attention.

These are just a few examples why you might need a Skokie emergency dentist. Dr. Goone and his team have ample experience in handling dental emergencies in a timely matter. When you’re in pain, we don’t want you to wait longer than necessary for relief.

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

While you’re waiting to be seen by Dr. Goone, there are some steps you can take to stabilize your dental emergency. Check out the following emergency dental care tips:

Jaw injuries — Ice can be applied to the painful area to control swelling; eat soft foods to avoid aggravating the problem. This is only if teeth align properly when mouth is closed; if not, seek emergency medical treatment immediately and do not blow your nose.

Injury to the soft tissue — The mouth is filled with delicate soft tissue. If the cheeks, gums, or tongue is injured, gently rinse the affected area with cool water and use gauze with light pressure to stop the bleeding.

Lost ligature or orthodontic wire — If you lose an orthodontic ligature, you may be able to replace it with tweezers. For a broken wire, use relief wax to keep the sharp point from poking into the soft tissue.

Broken or fractured tooth — Clean the area and use an ice pack to minimize swelling. Save the broken piece of tooth, as it may be able to be reattached.

Tooth knocked out — If you have an evulsed tooth, which is a tooth that’s been knocked out, save the tooth in cold milk or salt water and see the dentist immediately.

Tooth pushed out of place — For an extruded tooth, try to gently position it back into place while you wait to be seen by the dentist.

When you have any type of dental emergency, the first thing to do is contact Leading Edge Dental Center immediately. Our Skokie emergency dentist will make every effort to see you promptly.

Call Dr. Goone at 847-679-0110 right away if you need emergency dentistry in Skokie.