When Your Dentist May Recommend Dental Veneers

When Your Dentist May Recommend Dental Veneers from Leading Edge Dental Center in Skokie, ILAn assessment for dental veneers can tell your dentist if you need these restorations. Veneers are customizable and thin. Each shell can correct mild to moderate dental issues. Here are the details to know when your dentist may suggest dental veneers.

Chipped, cracked, or broken tooth

Even if other dental restorations can repair these mild types of damage, dental veneers are the most common solution. Any dental accident can happen after a hard blow to the face or a bad fall. The dentist will look at the condition of the tooth. Then, the dentist will customize the veneer so that it can have a natural look.

Dental gap

Also known as diastema, this type of issue can make smiling awkward. The dentist can recommend dental veneers to change the size of the target teeth. Doing so will close small gaps between teeth. A thorough assessment will determine which teeth will need these thin shells. Once the dentist knows, the veneers will cover these teeth and close the gaps. Larger gaps will need traditional braces.

Severe staining

Deep dental staining needs more than over-the-counter teeth whitening products. This type of staining can affect one’s smile. Treating this problem needs professional teeth whitening. The dentist can also suggest dental veneers if the stains are too deep into the tooth. These shells can lighten the teeth and make them look more even.

Irregularly shaped, crooked, and uneven teeth

If there are irregularly shaped, uneven, and crooked teeth, the dentist may suggest dental veneers. The thin, custom-fit shells can correct the sizes and shapes of the affected teeth. This can help realign and even them out. This is a much quicker dental straightening system for mild to moderate cases. Severe ones will need traditional braces.

Need for a natural feel and look

Many people want a natural-looking restoration that does not feel bulky in the mouth. That is why dental veneers are gaining a large following. The dentist will take dental impressions of the teeth first. Then, the lab will create the custom shells. The patient will need to return to the clinic for fitting and adjustments. Shaving off a thin layer of the enamel will allow the shells to fit the teeth well.

Requirement for minimally invasive restorations

Dental veneers involve a minimally invasive process. The dentist will not need to remove a large part of the dental structure. This allows the individual to keep healthier teeth with the veneers. The patient will not need dental sedation. Local anesthetics may be necessary to ensure a painless treatment for some patients.

Avoidance of traditional braces

Many people do not want to wear traditional metal braces. This treatment often scratches and cuts the soft tissues of the mouth. It also takes months to achieve the ideal alignment. That is why a dentist will suggest dental veneers. The patient will not experience months of wearing braces. It will take about one to two visits to achieve straighter-looking teeth without discomfort.

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Knowing if your dentist will recommend dental veneers can prepare you for your treatment

Mild to moderate dental issues can receive quick treatments like dental veneers. It will not take long to customize and create thin shells for your dental needs. Your dentist will determine which of your teeth will need these restorations. Working with your dental care provider will make your treatment smooth and easy.

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